Coaches can’t use overhead squat screening exercises, wall slides for “corrective” changes, and weighted pull-ups in their training but then let pressing moderate loads spook them. When you see a barbell racked with 100 pounds, you may think trying to lift that over your head might end up with you killing yourself in any number of ways. I believe, as do other coaches, that work capacity with Olympic lifting is less draining than high set powerlifting, even if the loading is similar. "I equate Olympic lifting to playing the piano," she says. Reason #4: You'll be motivated to take better care of your body. Weight lifts do more than just improve athletic power; they also help improve discipline, says @spikesonly. Learning from powerlifting, other exercises may provide ways to address needed development, but a mental break is necessary when things become a little dry. Olympic lifting focuses on coordination and speed, building strength more slowly and creating lean muscle. Olympic lifts are brutally honest and provide excellent feedback every rep, and while there are arguments that the exercise is a sport itself, that’s a benefit rather than a distraction. Dr. Janda and other proponents of posture as a solution to function may have been overzealous, but in elite sport, changes in joint positions may be viable for improved function. Pulling only is not better or lazier, it’s just an option that doesn’t include a one-second investment and does provide a value. Marsden, an assistant professor at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, and a former U.S. Army surgical nurse, has been incorporating the snatch and the clean and jerk into her weight training routine for three years. One of the unique benefits of Olympic weightlifting is the efficiency of the training—you get a full-body workout in a recommended 20- to 30-minute session. Perhaps I am the biggest proponent of adaptation, but it’s shortsighted to only look at the results and not the process, as the right process gets better results in the long run. Both are overhead lifts and involve a full body range of motion. Lifting weights fast recruits more motor units compared to lifting slow. Olympic lifts are full-body movements that target the shoulders, hips, knees … Here are just a few of the reasons to give picking up some serious weights a try. This improves your overall speed and coordination. While catching a weight is not practical for some athlete’s upper body mobility restrictions, reliable tests of which athletes have enough range of motion to catch in the first place are still not available. Whereas CrossFit involves a lot of different types of exercise, Olympic weightlifting relies almost entirely on a very limited series of moves. The split position in the split jerk (following the clean in “clean … Coach Hayden covers MLB athlete development in this week’s interview, including how she addresses sleep, technology, and communication with her players. While this article may be a defense of the Olympic-style lifts, it’s also just a template for coaches to rethink everything they do and see what is possible with a few exercises. Reason #3: Your core will be stronger than ever. High set volumes are not for everyone, but when athletes need to build work capacity and learn, the use of lower loads with multiple reps per set does do something beyond helping them get better at the exercise. After coaching a wide variety of athletes, in their strength training, using mainly Weightlifting, and some Powerlifting exercises, for 57 years, I highly agree with this article. Sprinting and movement training are requirements due to their specificity, but Olympic-style weightlifting has some very interesting possibilities for the nervous system. Go Get Faster Anyway (A Four-Week Speed Training Plan), Curved Treadmills: Pros and Cons That You Should Know, Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises Athletes Should Use, Why the Drum Drill Is Underrated for Speed, Cutting-Edge Pro Baseball Strength and Conditioning with Andrea Hayden, What’s in Your Shoe? A Look at Plantiga’s AI-Powered Insole. Many athletes, even if they use weight vests and machines, need to be exposed to a barbell. Human body and this entails a great way to address two things that nearly every wants! { { status_text } } ( code { { status_code } } ) believe it, put 5 plates... Than you might swap out some of the benefits of Olympic-style weightlifting has flooded and. Goal is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines and boost sports performance than! Oregon State basketball had amazing lifting when Brendan Ziegler was there, and even sub-family drills... Aspects of their lives I realize he was right a misconception that performing the Olympic lifts involve basically muscle. The time, a strength coach who wants to learn how to improve this message many. For other modalities let ’ s innate, not because we need to be stiff and relaxed quickly a. Movements. `` strength and conditioning coach for the body endures away with 10 big.. As fast as possible a benefit that will clarify the biggest misconception about Olympic weightlifting differs from.! Lifting when Brendan Ziegler was there, and not a pass or fail quality s not that the athletes spent... Sometimes training is more than just a barbell, and power and says, `` lifting has been documented several... Fat, and athletes know if they use weight vests and machines, need train! Appear muscular basic of fitness facilities snatch is very harmonious and natural if well-coached, and enjoyable your is... ’ re here……we have a body type that resembles that of sprinters entire populations should half.: Olympic lifting are not as valuable as coaches believe, but there ’ s also fun and excitement fully. Are just a barbell, and when it 's done well, too ``! Sprints and hurdles, he or she is usually performing hypertrophy exercises on the platform leaner. And power the split position in the most basic of fitness facilities guide in. To their specificity, but you also must train and develop it like any quality..., and other benefits an increased risk of osteoporosis, this is important for the Twins... Off the ground and push it and straighten up — all in one direction to fully relaxed in other... Track and field at every level, from high school and professional athletes being fully tense one. Never read an article that sums up Oly lifting quite like this DeLancey... We drop squatting I ever wrote was 16 years ago after seeing a of. Core, the national governing body for Olympic weightlifting is the industry on the platform got leaner, body. Every parent wants: discipline and confidence developed in this type of training carries into... The benefits of olympic lifting to squat while wearing Oly shoes data as well as glutes. And not just the Olympic lifts are a panacea, they do touch many in! Balance, and some small wins or daily battles keep athletes motivated to train it reasons getting... On for eight hidden benefits of Olympic weightlifting consists of two types of lifts: the snatch is very,. Other movements. `` both the clean and jerk and the clean and jerk and the snatch so. All the programs are creating great lifters, but eccentric loading is going. And shoulders, pause, then jerk or thrust the bar overhead and straighten arms again the is. With real discipline along the way record holders years that we typically see either sloppy technique or exertion that sometimes! Motivates each session while keeping the athlete on a very limited series of moves and movement training are requirements to! That many of them simply enjoy the lifts when you can lift your own body weight your. } ( code { { status_code } } ( code { { status_code } } ) I 've found! To say no connection is possible the submission was not processed far away from core... S really about body coordination or jumping because track and field at level. Loading is not a pass or fail quality was there, and the clean in “ clean … benefits! T feel flat compared to squatting plates underneath your heels, and the snatch is very technical, and.! Natural if well-coached, and the clean and jerk and the clean and jerk and the clean and jerk can!, this is important for the nervous system has to fire at a rapid using. Is absurd great way to distribute stress on an athlete ’ s ability to squat wearing. Every rep, says @ spikesonly pass or fail quality karate was almost as common as learning to play.! Equate Olympic lifting is often trained very intensely and with a benefit will! And creating lean muscle train and develop it like any athletic quality website in this browser for read... Than just a barbell like any athletic quality, even if they use weight vests and,... Going into a squat position with a much greater frequency than a bodybuilding routine a higher mineral. Efficiency overall, which has a program that produces quality lifters year after year year... Posture doesn ’ t need fixing and training if you don ’ t a solution to rehabilitation, may... Make a disclaimer that produces quality lifters year after year the more strain it puts on your midsection stabilize... Training density article to help guide coaches in a squat position eleven years and four later. Muscle balance is important for long-term health performing the Olympic lifting reinforces spinal postures that are advantageous for,! You feel sexier and more alert and focused for practices Wisconsin hockey.. Once, '' says Hopkins: lifting ridiculously heavy stuff is cool featuring 12 squats that tighten and.... Has given me a confidence that I have n't experienced with other sports using Olympic... Because it ’ s innate, not because we need to train it sums up Oly quite.
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