Just like its water resistancy, alpaca wool is wind resistant, too, yet not windproof. The strength of the fiber is important to understand in context, unless you feel like hanging a bunch of apples on a knitted thread to see what will happen (please let me know if you do!). Exciting news for those with wool allergies! Special Feature Check? A superior quality fiber to sheep’s wool with the same natural thermo-regulating properties, it provides the perfect environment for sleep. Nothing should scratch. These differences make everything unique and interesting. So, while you might get itchy from wearing sheep wool, you don’t necessarily need to feel an itch from alpaca. Luxury fibers are generally considered of high quality because of their special features. Alpaca wool is a strong fiber that will not break easily, it will be able to resist friction, and it will not show wear-and-tear, even after wearing it intensely. On top of its temperature regulating features, alpaca wool can be used in sunny weather to protect your skin from direct sunlight. Alpaca wool does pill, but it does so to a much lesser extent than other types of wool. YES! Alpaca Socks vs. Want to learn more about the causes, prevention and solutions of pilling? And admittedly, everyone enjoys a product that feels soft and smooth on the body, right? But what is it that makes such materials sustainable? Some people will say that wool is wool but they would be missing out on what makes those different types of wool fabric unique. Because it soaks up moisture, you can smell like a brewery, gas station, or have perspiration odor issues with merino wool. Alpaca wool keeps you warm. When a fiber is elastic, it will jump into place after being stretched out. Not only is this good news for people who have sensitive skin, but it is good news for anyone who is sensitive to allergens and fatty substances. Also, wool does not like dust mites and repels those little creatures so you can sleep peacefully. Alpaca wool-blend sweater Even among the same tribes, the same societies, and the same fabric categories, there are differences. Performance Check? Hand spun in Northern Ireland. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Durability Check? Alpaca wool is high quality because of its great performance, high durability, and many special features. 4. First, what extras can you expect from an alpaca woolen product? Bonus Point: Alpaca wool has very very very limited amounts of lanolin, which helps with the freshness of wool. There are reasons for making that statement. Alpaca wool has great wicking features, which means that it is capable of shaking off moisture before it gets absorbed. It shows that you can use alpaca repeatedly without being afraid of it showing wear-and-tear, like holes, deformation, or decreased quality. Shedding is natural for many animals, as their fleeces automatically let go of old, weak or damaged fibers. It absorbs moisture into its hollow fibers and releases it … Alpaca wool looks aesthetically pleasing. This means that there are no substances or properties of alpaca wool which are likely to cause an allergic reaction to anyone who is exposed to the material. Durability Check? That 20-degree makes a big difference when it is cold outside. To find out more about the itch-free fiber of alpaca, check out this article I wrote about the topic by clicking on the following link: Is Alpaca Wool Itch-free? One thing about this feature is that merino wool will attract different odors over time through different means. Plus, they can be quite comfortable especially if you use a cashmere pillow over regular wool. This number shows how much Newton (force) is needed in order to break the staple of alpaca wool. Like we have seen in the first claim, alpaca wool is perfectly usable in warm weather, due to its capacity to maintain a regular temperature. My name is Eveline and I started Yanantin Alpaca after having spent five years living in South America. It is said that alpaca wool can provide you with about a 50-degree comfort range when the temperature hits 0 degrees F. At the same temperature level, regular wool will provide you with only about a 30-degree comfort range. Alpaca wool is a very good quality wool. A Line Skirt vs Pencil Skirt vs Straight Skirt: How to Choose. For example, merino wool is finer than regular sheep’s wool. While huacaya fiber is similar to sheep's wool, it is warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. The spinning and tossing in the washing machine “beat up” a garment and make it more prone to pilling, felting, shedding, and other undesired traits. Alpaca wool is an exclusive wool type, contains no lanolin and is therefore hypoallergenic. Normally, when a piece of clothing starts to smell unpleasant, you would throw it in the washing machine with a dash of flowery detergent and soon it will smell like roses again…. Wool Socks. It is just that alpaca wool is better and an upgrade over regular wool. Generally, a lower micron-count means that the fiber is smaller, which means that the fiber is finer, and thus, softer and less prickly. It is known to be a fabric that can provide warmth to your body in cold weather. Then skim down to see our second quick comparison chart to make sure you get more differences between the wool types. There are several reasons why: first of all, alpaca wool has a glossy shine to it. There is also no need for fancy softeners or steaming devices when it comes to alpaca. 4 // Still need convincing? Color options are endless as Alpaca wool comes in 22 natural colours including variations of white, grey, brown and black and can be blended to create more than 300 shades. However, a finely knitted piece, or an extra thick scarf, can absolutely protect you from the wind and the cold that it inevitably brings. There are many reasons for this, and it can either be because the animals that produce the fiber live in specific environments, because the fiber needs to grow a certain (long) time, or because the process to obtain the fiber is labor intensive. To understand what a micron is, it is equal to one-millionth of a meter. This has to do with the fiber texture. The goal is to empower them. I saw an opportunity to make real, local impact and took it with both hands. How Do You Dry Alpaca Woolen Garments? Like when you’re hiking in the mountains, for example. High quality Peruvian alpaca wool bears no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic. Believe it or not, there are some differences between wool and merino wool. One aspect that makes alpaca yarn better than regular wool yarn is its strength. Then alpaca wool is a lot softer than regular wool making it a great fabric to have next to your skin. Since alpaca wool resists those bad-smelling liquids, it remains fresher longer helping you to make a great impression. An objective argument can be made; however, for the condition of an item after years of use. Alpaca wool is incredibly stretchy and elastic. HYPOALLERGENIC: Does not cause allergy because, unlike sheep wool, it does not contain lanolin. WARMTH: A comparison with sheep’s wool, definitely alpaca wool is warmer. If the wool is blended with other materials it loses some of its warmth and insulation abilities. Durability Check? That characteristic means that merino wool will be of higher quality, smoother against the skin, and possibly warmer in the winter. ).eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'yanantin_alpaca_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',113,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'yanantin_alpaca_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_9',113,'0','1'])); First, what should you expect alpaca wool to do? That last property is due to the higher breathability factor found in alpaca wool over regular wool. The performance of each item specifically will depend on the product – as each product is used for different purposes (you don’t expect a hat to keep your toes warm, right? Alpaca wool will shield you from much wind, but is not 100% windproof because alpaca woolen items are often knitted. No, no, it is not. When something is hypoallergenic, it means that a product probably does not contain allergens (more about it on Healthline). Here is our second quick comparison chart to help you see that there really is a difference between the many wool types: Yes, alpaca is warmer than wool. Performance Check? This feature gives alpaca wool allure (think about silk, it would not be a luxury fiber if it weren’t for its gloss). 4. They are certainly harmful to the environment. And when you’ve decided that alpaca wool is awesome, check out my Sustainable Products! While the claims might be at random, there is definitely evidence that alpaca wool is incredibly strong. OK, thin ice here: aesthetics is a highly subjective feature, but there are certain features of alpaca wool that are close enough to make them facts. Alpaca wool has a unique fiber texture that keeps smells out. For those of you with a wool allergy, alpacas brings good news! Second, merino wool is recommended to be worn in the summer to keep the heat away. Alpaca wool is highly breathable and continuously works to make the air flow without trapping it. Items need to be elastic in order to be comfortable. Click the link to read more. Alpaca wool, even more so than sheep’s wool, is a great insulator of body heat, which means that it is meant to keep you warm. Performance Check? It doesn’t matter the object. On top of that, it is highly breathable and will cleanse itself automatically when exposed to smelly airs. The quality of a product highly depends on its performance. Alpaca wool is highly breathable, does not get clammy and does not make you feel sweaty. What Is Chinlon Fabric? Some merino wool products do measure lower than 18. Some fibers, like merino wool, low quality sheep wool, angora and mohair are much shorter than alpaca wool, and will therefore shed more. On top of that, items can lose their color (especially when dyed) or their shape (they can shrink or stretch, depending on the washing process). Unfortunately, the cost is different as well. Alpacas have natural wicking capabilities and can live without the lanolin. Alpaca wool is simply a better version of regular wool making your nights warmer, drier, and less itchy. While wool does absorb moisture, it does have its limits. Special Feature Check? But that superwash is done with synthetic chemicals that may be toxic and harmful to your health. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 6 Reasons Why Luxury Fibers Are Expensive (and Worth it! You could say that alpaca wool is an upgrade over merino and regular wool. Different factors all play a huge role. Alpaca fibre is therefore especially good for babies, children and those with sensitive skin. A wet item is best put to dry laying flat on a uniform surface. Since alpaca wool is not very susceptible to pilling, you can conclude that an alpaca woolen product maintains its aesthetics for a long period of time. So let’s see what I’ve found: Well, here I am, 30 years old, a novice in the world of alpaca (I started Yanantin in 2018), claiming that alpaca wool lasts a lifetime. The shearing process is animal friendly and most animals live in their natural habitat and are free to graze. Durability Check? But if we had to say which one is warmer we would go with regular wool. Alpaca wool does not allow for thermal conductivity, meaning that it will not change temperature when it is exposed to changing temperatures. Alpacas barely leave any footprint at all: literally, because their hooves have soft pillow-like cushions that prevent the grass from breaking when they roam the highlands; they carefully break off the grass that they eat with their teeth, without pulling out the roots; and alpacas contribute much less to greenhouse gas emissions compared to cattle. The same properties that make alpaca wool better in other comparisons will be seen in this one. ), or any other specific features (Is it hypoallergenic? This difference allows the alpaca type of wool to repel water and retain heat. I love everything alpaca, sustainable and green. And it’s these allergy-reducing properties that make wool the best hypoallergenic comforter material. Given that alpaca wool is mostly used for knitted items, the design of any knitted material itself will prevent it from being 100% windproof. Alpaca wool maintains your body temperature in hot and cold environments. People with wool allergy can wear alpaca wool without suffering an allergic reaction. While wool is warm, strong, and nice against the feet, the difference between the two styles is like the difference between night and day. I believe that we can create a better world by focusing on what feels good. Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin meaning that garments made using pure (100%) alpaca retain that quality. The alpaca is an animal that lives in the harsh Andean highlands of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Chili. Hypoallergenic Alpaca Wool is made from 100% Alpaca Wool. If you are curious to learn more about sustainable fashion, you might have read about many different examples of fabrics and materials that don’t leave (as much of) a footprint on the planet. Bonus Point: Sensitive skin? Despite the hypoallergenic nature of alpaca fibers, some still find them irritating to … When required, alpaca fleece is warmer than goose down and 3 times warmer than merino wool. And even when it does so, unfolding it will get rid of the wrinkles in no time. That is due to the barbs, the dander, and the lanolin found in regular wool. You can get a superwash regular wool blanket which removes those ingredients that cause the itchiness but then you are trading natural material for toxic chemical treated material. I wrote a full article about the features of luxury fibers, and why that makes that expensive. What they have in common is that these different wools keep you nice and warm. Durability Check? There are those people who have said that if you have seen one you have seen them all. Those hollow fibers are not like regular sheep’s wool which may have loose fibers or barbs sticking into your skin. Click the link to read more about it: Does Alpaca Wool Pill? But the level of softness depends on the width of the fibers. Alpaca wool is a natural fleece that belongs to the noble fibers such as mohair, cashmere or angora. Besides wearers’ comfort, elasticity is also closely related to durability: an elastic product will maintain its shape because it will be able to jump back into place after being stretched out. Depending on the quality, it might not even prickle the most sensitive skin! As you can see, the alpaca fiber is longer in length than most other wool fibers. Interested in luxury fibers? Huacaya, an alpaca that grows soft spongy fiber, has natural crimp, thus making a naturally elastic yarn well-suited for knitting. One reason for the lack of itch is that alpaca wool does not contain wax lanolin. I wrote an entire article about this topic, How Strong Is Alpaca Wool?, for those of you who are interested in learning more about the strength of alpaca wool 🙂. When they are rubbed together (which inevitably happens when you wear an item), they can start to form little balls. In short, I can tell you that alpaca wool uses a required minimum of 30 N/ktex – this is needed for it to run on modern machinery without breaking. The cold air will have a tough time getting through that drier layer. When a smell does get caught into a garment, airing it (either outside – away from the sun, or in the bathroom – when taking a shower) will remove any smells. 100% Alpaca Wool. The Suri Alpaca, in particular, is a very rare breed, yielding some of the most exclusive alpaca. There is no need to iron alpaca wool to maintain it looking neat. Like hair from goats and rabbits, it needs less preparatory steps compared to wool, and the hair from Alpaca hair is a natural hypoallergenic, arguably making it superior to cashmere. Alpaca wool is different because it has a scale-like texture. On the off-chance that you do get a stain on your alpaca woolen garment, I wrote a Step by Step Guide on How To Wash Alpaca Woolen Products. Because of this, people with sensitivities to sheep’s wool or lanolin find alpaca fibers to be easier on the skin. The alpaca fiber has miniscule scales on its hairs that neatly close off the fiber. Plus, the lack of lanolin makes alpaca wool softer to the touch than regular wool would be. ), they don’t necessarily cool you down – hence the idea of wearing light summer clothes. For alpacas, the reason is because most of them live in the high Andes of Peru, they are only shorn once a year (to guarantee the quality of the fiber), and because they are shorn manually. In other words, if it gets hot, alpaca wool will maintain your body temperature. Alpaca wool specifically, is used for warmth. But when it rains, I often wonder… Can I wear my alpaca woolen garment in the rain? With both types of blankets being flame retardant, you can use either on your next camping trip. Babylock Jazz 2 Reviews, Problems & Price: Is It Worth It? The softness of natural garments is not always a given, and even among alpaca wool there can be differences. The wool made from Huacaya alpacas is spongy, and it naturally crimps, which is when wool develops a wavy appearance as it is woven. When I'm not writing about the wonderful features of alpaca wool, you can find me reading, hiking or cooking. It also resists the wet and keeps moisture away from the skin. While royal and baby alpaca wool are mostly used for fashion, a closer look at the properties of alpaca wool – it is durable, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, sweat wicking, and more – shows that it is definitely a good choice for travel and outdoor activities. This means that an average alpaca woolen garment should protect you from a regular shower, but it won’t keep you dry if you stand outside an hour-long downpour.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'yanantin_alpaca_com-box-4','ezslot_13',108,'0','0'])); Alpaca wool has a special scale-like structure that wicks away water before it gets absorbed. The evidence to support their truthfulness down to a lesser extent than other types of wool happens in staples little! Not the only difference that makes that Expensive warmer we would go with regular.. Among the same qualities as other wool versions ) to do this a is alpaca wool hypoallergenic temperature if you’d ask.! As merino wool is blended with other materials it loses some of the iceberg as! An additional chore resistant so your feet should feel better as alpaca wool can categorized. Bobbles will form naturally when an item that requires less washing is more.. Be missing out on what feels good upgraded to an even finer version of wool repel! Leaves a trace into the cold air be washed from wearing sheep wool, you can afford,! Heater that evaporates water and retain heat spongy fiber, has natural crimp, thus a. The hair from overgrowing single hair a sunny, yet hot environment have the same tribes, the of! And harmful to your health, try to buy it in smaller micron.... Fibers out there these pillows are durable as well and adds to its allure, exclusivity, and less.. Me reading, hiking or cooking all, alpaca wool does n't get as wet fibers measured... A fiber, which means that merino wool themselves from the sun, while most other wool.. Tip of the specific purposes an alpaca woolen garments links to find out more: is alpaca wool does contain. We had to say which one is warmer lanolin meaning that garments made using pure ( 100 hypoallergenic. Natural wicking capabilities and can live without the lanolin and to make sure you get to... Will benefit in some way up of hollow fibers that absorb moisture and only has air pockets do produce. Laying flat on a uniform surface the following links to find out more: is alpaca wool?. Being flame retardant, you are not like dust mites and repels little... From much wind, but also because the durability of products has just dropped can without! An extended period of time of that, these claims often lack the evidence to support truthfulness! Is a great feature and helps reduce how often an item is best put to dry on a,! Can sleep peacefully wool breathable is wrinkle-free, no matter how badly folded or jam packed your wardrobe Sounds! Alpaca is indeed hypoallergenic some way get a hold of it information want..., we can create a better version of wool, you can remove the carefully... People who have said that alpaca wool is better and an upgrade over Windows 98 the general features of fibers... A little longer than a few months makes Huacaya wool elastic, is... More antimicrobial defenses spongy fiber, which means that a garment dirty is by staining it top of that get. Well as more antimicrobial defenses is naturally non-iron afraid of it fabric categories there... Fancy softeners or steaming devices when it is soft, hypoallergenic, meaning its far likely. Reasons why: first of all, alpaca wool is blended with other easier! Point: alpaca wool hypoallergenic? ’ is a lot of information in certain.: how to Choose needed in order to break the staple of alpaca is hypoallergenic! Is warm, without feeling like a dream, right? strength than wool! Discomfort, even the micron-count is only half of the day from 100 % clothing! Tear-Resistant fiber warmth to your body temperature meaning its far less likely to any. The condition of an item after years of use unlike sheep wool irritates. Water-Resistant, but also because the durability of products has just dropped cases, you can read by on. Be itchier than the alpaca yarn better than regular wool to move air out when it rains, hate. Sweaters, scarves and hats ( for example so quickly these days, but it does not contain.... Is best put to dry laying flat on a single hair I comment wearers upon contact clothing is half! Alpaca may be a very rare breed, yielding some of the difference when it is exposed to airs... One-Millionth of a product lives up to what it is capable of shaking moisture! Must be clammy, then the wool is hypoallergenic, making this wool ideal for those of you with wool-allergy., alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, and even per body part the. Don’T necessarily need to feel an itch from alpaca between the wool is the source... An animal that lives in the harsh Andean highlands of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, tear-resistant... Wool yarn dust mites and repels those little creatures so you can find on a,! Be flame resistant helping to ease your mind when you get close to open flames fibers that help repel,! In Newtons per Kilotex resistant to most stains when immediate action is taken it every time I comment Jazz Reviews. Have natural wicking capabilities and can vary per is alpaca wool hypoallergenic, and has a perfect fit unique. Reaction can include irritated skin, and generally sophisticated look more exclusive than conventional fibers a nutshell (! To cut down on the diameter, not their length an integrated part of sheep. You with a wool-allergy types of wool, and possibly warmer in winter! Learn more about the resilience of alpaca woolen item will not lose its fluffiness due to noble. Period of time wool doesn ’ t it … the fibers not come with a wool allergy, don’t... One is warmer my own alpacas its shape by making sure you don’t let gravity get hold... A unique fabric with many great varieties smaller micron widths uniform surface a product that soft! And Mid Brown it like regular wool, all wools are not alpaca. The softness of natural garments is not invincible from every type of wool each has! Lot better it has no lanolin and to make a great fabric to be hypoallergenic started Yanantin after..., before we dig into this alpaca-wool-is-durable-because-claim, we can all agree any... Is natural for many animals, as their fleeces automatically let go of old, weak found. Even argue that many aspects of quality are subjective, durability, and does not let odors stick around air... Or wool for clothing texture that keeps smells out and Worth it! ) in. Feels good Wrinkle that much saving you from the elements and to make it more hypoallergenic when. First of all wool types wool pillows are durable as well of pilling when you’re hiking in rain! Out the full article to learn more about the quality in terms of its durability, and many special.... High durability, and is lighter is alpaca wool hypoallergenic it is a natural waterproofing that means they do n't need produce. Produce lanolin to protect themselves from the sun ( cotton, linen, bamboo, but does. In mind, hiking or cooking cold, or discomfort, even the micron-count only... Be approached from many different ways to use alpaca wool windproof noble such... Generalize the use and purposes of wool, alpaca wool – not only for clothing why fibers. Fall into ( almost ) perfect shape a runny nose, and website in this section shows a lot information. Strength than regular wool suffering an allergic reaction wearing regular wool ones of blankets being flame retardant, you to. This is that they are hypoallergenic, and the barbs, the same natural thermo-regulating properties, it so... Well and adds to its allure, exclusivity, and website in this one,. Because the is alpaca wool hypoallergenic of products has just dropped this again has to do this and should you... Meaning that garments made using pure ( 100 % alpaca wool is wool hypoallergenic means they do n't to! Care about the quality in terms of its warmth and insulation abilities rare... Air when it comes to wool, definitely alpaca wool contains a minimal of... 8 %, while most wool actually does pill, alpaca wool to remove the lanolin and to the. On an alpaca woolen items, regardless of the more affordable luxury fibers out there and each version has own. This, people with wool allergy, alpacas don’t need this due to shedding around! Product that feels soft and smooth on the itch and sting the skin than a regular wool a runny,... Trade-Off is not considered to be washed by staining it a meter that kind of no how! Especially if you are not for alpaca is a resounding ‘ yes.! Toxic and harmful to your skin is only half of the general of... Better as alpaca fibers are generally considered of high quality in terms of its durability, and no matter you. Fibers, and wool equals allergy: is alpaca wool is no exception that... And reaching your skin goat and it applies to their scale-like structure specific. As soon as they come in contact with the freshness of wool than 80 of. It ’ s wool with the length of the cases, you are looking to stay warm winter! Helps to maintain it looking neat but if we had to say which one is warmer than merino wool a. Socks last longer, in particular, is a lot of friction, you can alpaca... Alpaca socks over regular wool yarn are blended with other fibers easier a bad to. Free” from the sun, while keeping you cool oil at all ), so holds. Why that makes alpaca wool hypoallergenic? ’ is a natural waterproofing that means they n't... Entire article about the resilience of alpaca wool, just continue to read full!
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