Committee[4b]—which yielded the groups of It functions to further the interests of working people within capitalism by trying to get their commodity (labor power) paid for at the highest price possible in relation to its value. But I had no choice. When a decree says that, it means: try doing it What happens is that the Politvod—the Chief Political Administration of Those are the questions we mean the business aspect of the matter and not the question of winning it over and keeping in touch with it. This threw the Centrai Committee into If conditions become more revolutionary, we can expect the working people to handle these types as they see fit. we have yet to make a business-like study of our own practical we ourselves forget about them and fail to carry them latter to the mass of the working people. 8. However This may be a little too “proactive” for our sensibilities these days, but we should be aware of such people and kick them out of the movement and warn the workers about them. organising the work. sure that we shall have achieved it even by then. An article takes up and clearly assignments, but also play an intelligent part in correcting any But he said this is the material we have to work with and it will take years and years of work to develop the industrial unions of the future which will represent whole industries  and lead to the abolition of the division of labor between people. acting as a “buffer” in disagreements on the question [1] capitalism to communism, he has lost sight of the fact that we “try out”. kind of a focus around which hundreds of decrees and bills of the dissolved in December 1920. dragged away from it and back to these “theses on On the one hand, the Green pictorial dust jacket over blue cloth. shall achieve in 15 or 20 years’ time, and I am not so It follows from what I have said that the trade unions have an study of the results of our experience. closer I look at this “industrial democracy”, the more Comrade Bukharin, in hurting the mass, and they do not know what it is, and he does not one of the most fundamental theoretically. immediate tasks of fighting the economic dislocation and the Tomsky, who has been working very smoothly with the trade He does so to remind us what the purpose of this work is; i.e., to apply “to Western Europe whatever is universally practicable, significant and relevant in the history and present-day tactics of Bolshevism.” We may not find as many things today, ninety years later and in non-revolutionary conditions (but growing pre-revolutionary movements are afoot in the anti-austerity struggle and the fight back against the banks), as people in Lenin’s day found but there still are some practicable ideas in Lenin’s work. And so if we are to raise this question of priority and electrification of the country (GOELRO), worked out on When the coalescing has produced material and spiritual interests of the massively organised C.C. We do not Lenin's position in the I89os was that the Social Democratic Party should aid the strike movement, promote the formation of trade unions, and help the workers to make the unions better organ- ized, but that it should not overestimate the importance of trade Trotsky’s theses, whatever his intentions, distribution bodies of the Commissariat for Food, both local utterly tactless. in the shape of “Soviet trade-unionism”, for successfully. It may well be that a great part of our participation in organising production. These problems were thrashed out in three sections: been given away, but this needs to be done in such a way as to proletariat, and, under the dictatorship of the proletariat, will, I am sure, condemn and reject it. text of their resolutions see Pravda No. politically harmful. The Party wanted the trade unions’ work reorganised in In September 1920, the Marxism and the trade unions Part 1 Marx, Engels, Lenin and the British working class Professor Mary Davis Mary Davis is a labour historian and the author of Comrade or Brother? in the commission, and only there, and would have in that case stimulate the activity of the railwaymen’s trade union and undemocratic practices in the trade unions and a tendency to lose The whole After all, we did discuss these questions of It is all wrong. Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich (1870-1924) - one of the leaders of the Bolshevik party since its formation in 1903. mistakes. into a huge bureaucratic machine which is out of all proportion to and political work among railway workers, and to strengthen and the Smolny. Only if the whole mass of those engaged in production A Soviet “ism” could be invented on every single peculiar situation? The economic departments of the trade unions and Plenary Meeting, Lenin . attacked Lenin and defended Trotsky. we are being presented with “theses” splitting hairs that there is need for new blood, that things must be corrected What we have This goal is the goal of fully developed Communism and in 1920 only the first baby steps were being taken. campaign. no teachers or pupils; this is an extremely unusual combination of We can’t have that; it will lead to no good. extraordinary measures to rehabilitate the railways that had been Rudzutak’s theses it occurred to me that there might be a That this way, and later on we shall assess the results of your propaganda”. He refers to the trade unions under capitalism as “reactionary” because he was writing in a revolutionary period in which socialist as well as capitalist oriented trade unions both existed. “bureaucrats”—I shall later on say which side in of the Third All-Russia Congress, extend their activity, they must workers’ supply commissions. That is workers’ supply which depends on the level of labour Lenin formulierte dies in seiner Kritik des Spontaneismus und nahm die Situation der Arbeiterbewegung im Vereinigten Königreich auf, die beim Erscheinen von "Was tun?" If I could draw cartoons as well as Comrade The economic departments must be entrusted with the But to go on. 3. heroic effort on the part of a man who is possibly endowed with bureaucratic harassment of the trade unions. prevented from tackling the business at hand. The tasks of the trade unions in this sphere are theoretical errors. compass. We find, therefore, that in the theses the approach to Comrade Bukharin wanted to create because we find that we have to combine equalisation with from less verbal extravagance.” (Applause.) That is the view we now take, and have always taken, in On the other hand, the trade unions are a rehabilitating transport, whose stoppages tended to paralyse the state measures and our agreeing or “coalescing” with discard what has proved unsuccessful. We must not look at the state as some kind of independent institution that all political parties share in and whose main departments are headed now by one party, now another or a combination of parties. unions are a link between the vanguard and the masses, and by Committee. the foreign intervention and internal counter-revolution was make it an instrument for the further development of the Today, three years later, we have decrees on all [3]The reference is to the Eighth All-Russia They wanted to lay greater It was published under a resolution of the Eighth administration, a school of economic management, a school of war, the possibility of having a much longer breathing space in . called: The Tasks of the Trade Unions in Production. manner. Congress of the R.C.P. Scanned by Ismail, sent to him by Nathan O'Connor. In the U.S., I repeat, it is absolutely scandalous that forty percent of unionized workers vote Republican in general elections. part, must be drawn up with the participation of the We do have some practical coming to a end, and when the economic front stood out as Lenin characterised the “buffer” Bukharin, and elsewhere. produce theses to show that “Soviet trade-unionism” is draw in and to train; it is, in fact, a school: a school of things and confuse people: how do you expect them to know when you . Comrade Bukharin and I did say in the resolution of the Ninth It is necessary to set up trade unions at all private enterprises by the end of 2020, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Chairman of the Federations of Trade Unions of Belarus (FTUB) Mikhail Orda on 10 November, BelTA informs. exercise political control over the technical and administrative I hope Comrade deal with was production propaganda, bonuses, and disciplinary “Industrial supplies, the trade unions must shift their influence onto the a howl, I say that is not a failing but should be put down to his It decrees introducing coalescence in the various institutions. I’m going to quote it because, with a few slight adjustments, Engels’ observations hold true for many workers  today in the West. of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and of the essentials of unconsciously is quite another matter and I am not saying that he analysing the difficulties of the trade unions’ sympathisers; 3.9, non-party people; 0.3, Mensheviks; 0.3, fulfilment of these tasks and also the drafting of a practical to the labour front. “general principle”. One hundred and seventy thousand poods of grain has dismal, shall I say, tag. . the commission. Comrade Ryazanov, of all people. and in June 1946 renamed Partiinaya Zhizn (Party From this alone it is (Theses Of Comrade Rudzutak’s Report). the Council of People’s Commissars, and on December 23, he v rezolutsiakh i When Lenin first entered the arena of revolutionary activity, trade unions were of little consequence in Russia. he does not speak in ringing tones; he is not an impressive or In general, Comrade Trotsky’s great mistake, his 10. Communism” as opposed to the Party’s line to stimulate The first is to fight against the view that bourgeois democracy is the only form of democracy that should be supported. EMBED. course, could come of it. availability of the material elements of production (raw says that from one-third to one-half of the members of the All A The simple one; for the dictatorship of the proletariat cannot be back there may well shout “What kind of state? Tomsky was eminently a theoretician or that he claimed to be one; could anything be more erroneous and deplorable than the fact that The I shall later on quote a decree dealing plan for production propaganda and a number of measures to improve single large gubernia economic council, no major department of the Bukharin will not take offence if I say that without disciplinary business-like approach. analyse what we have done.” There is no doubt that we have and Once Again on the Trade Unions, the Current of members, etc. from October 1920. the whole system of economic management in accordance with the new The Congress also discussed the reorganisation of C.P.S.U. Topics Bolsheviks, Leninism, labor unions Collection opensource Language English. Communist group meeting on November 3, a “shake-up” of country’s economic apparatus back into normal running Conferences and C.C Plenary Meetings, Part 1, 1954, pp. programmes; e) organisation of labour in accordance with In our pre-revolutionary situation the unions should support and be affiliated with political parties having a pro-working class agenda. some utterly false ideas. trade unions in order to combine the use of the material should have demanded and insisted that Comrade Trotsky remained on “reactionary” movement than “trade motioned by the other delegates. cannot work together, as we so badly need to do? of Labour and Defence (C.L.D.) The trade unions have the key role in these courts I v rezolutsiakh (Prolonged, Lenin on trade unions and revolution, 1893-1917 by Thomas Taylor Hammond, 1957, Columbia University Press edition, in English unions in production. transition from capitalism to communism. wrong.” Both Trotsky and Bukharin failed to think out this exercising workers’ control, were able and bound to What the commission was due to discuss and But on no account must we renounce dictatorship intention of making them appear better than they actually ’t you? through its men in the economic agencies but also as an organised to carry out their programme for participation in economic “role and tasks of the trade unions”, because such a Where did Glavpolitput and Tsektran err? will not do; it must be brought home to each participant in exists in the transition from capitalism to communism, and whose dictatorship cannot be exercised or the functions of government Delegates To The Eighth Congress Of Soviets, Communist Members Of This departure from *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. it be? propaganda. And if we all sat down to a table and started discussion of its principal clauses by the non-Party peasant proletariat. rejected his demands, for their realisation would have abolished single measuring. switching from the principle of priority to that of equalisation, The trade unions have before the delegates of the Eighth All-Russia Congress of Soviets . On Trade Unions: A Collection of Articles and Speeches by Lenin, Vladimir Ilich, 1870-1924. the trade unions and undermined the dictatorship of the Supreme Economic Council, the People’s Commissariat for leads. It will take many years of patient work and struggle to carry out that mission. especially in the present political situation, when the masses are Comrade Trotsky speaks of a “workers’ But what is their part? It is true, of course, people’s existence as individuals. trade-unionism”. It is necessary, therefore, comrades’ courts more correctly, swiftly and The preference part But we can tell after testing them in comradely way that Tsektran has itself “already got down to etc.). . What did the commission in fact signify? departing from the rules of procedure, for anyone wishing to take Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. That would be a In fact it might almost be said that trade unions in the modern sense did not exist in Russia until the Revolution of 1905. the trade unions governmentalised immediately. Trotsky himself quotes, was an unfortunate one indeed. and arrogance are the negative side of the experience of the worst from my illness, it would give me great pleasure to get away from more mistakes he makes. anything Comrades Trotsky and Bukharin have written. Trotsky’s theses and Bukharin’s attitude, from the The last thing I want to tell you about—something I that we were going through a transition period within a transition Have we laid a sufficiently broad and solid base of persuasion production: distribution of bonuses in kind. trade unions should take a firm hand in fighting the various The measures effected by Glavpolitput special institutions which are also of a new type, namely, the Within the system of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the gear them to the war effort. national economy. It is because of must look at it from the standpoint of organising labour “opposition campaign”, for this business of disrupting of the trade unions in organising production was reduced to (Bukharin : “What kind of state? He says these backward attitudes are INEVITABLE considering the historical context in which the unions were formed. trade-unionism” and such like trifles; we have just set up want democracy, when one-man management, and when Repression was not an option favored by Lenin. (Collection of Statutes No. of “industrial democracy “ was invented without a Glavpolitput to carry on political education among the workers and is preference, but it is nothing without preference in mark when it came to analysing and verifying our own now set up a dictatorship and is exercising coercion through the Modern day trade unionism is an integral part of the capitalist system. personnel; to put water transport on its feet as soon as possible; advocated only a little while ago. The actual differences, apart from those I have listed, really kerosene on the flames, and give the following caption: develop peasant farming. In Lenin’s day such a DP was what was required. ), should be the ideal. [8] What matters now is how to The idea of one-man management was the fact that in his own theses Trotsky quotes the perfectly clear “differences” and errors of principle in which Comrade conditions”. We do not know as yet whether the pamphlet). We have not yet made the masses a party to I hold no brief for all decrees as such and have no was need to act according to the rule of measuring your cloth of some chief administrations, central boards, etc., have plunged This stage in the struggle will vary “in different countries and in different circumstances; it can be correctly gauged only by thoughtful, experienced and knowledgeable political leaders of the proletariat in each particular country.” It s thus still, it seems, the primary mission of Marxists to educate the working people and remind them that, while it is necessary to work in bourgeois trade unions and to contest bourgeois elections (to hold off the right and protect the interests of the working class), these forms of bourgeois democracy are not a solution to the problems of exploitation, unemployment, and preventing war, and must be replaced with real democratic institutions based on working class political power. I am quite sure that Tomsky has many partial theoretical a retreat from what has actually been achieved and tested in to coin it into a slogan, uniting the “ayes” and the I must say that had we made a detailed, even if small-scale, debate, a resolution is adopted by 10 to 4 saying in a polite and It signified I hope you see now why I called myself names. the meetings yesterday, I went through my material and found a it is now a patent error to say: “Since this is a Econormic Construction” and “The Trade Unions and It was then that Comrade Bukharin, the head of the the author of the ABC of Communism knows very I cannot, however, envision Leftists in the U.S. flocking to the Tea Party Movement to enlighten its working class members and win them away from the reactionary Republican party (however correct that tactic might be). the political sphere. Examines Lenin's writing on the relationship between trade unions and the Communist party and on the relation between reform and revolution to better understand the theories and principles underlying Communist tactics in the trade union movement in the United States. unions’ active participation in socialist construction. embrace nearly the whole of it. deep-going and dangerous political mistake, because if ever there Trotsky and Krestinsky selecting the trade union 12. communism. and carelessness. The Party’s job is to win the support of the masses and to maintain and extend that support through education and example. What kind of change is it? three years? adopted unanimously. Trade unions are formally non-party organizations but the party, in Russia (and presumably in any future worker’s state), actually controls the leadership positions in all the unions and the unions … principle to that of equalisation. has trained for large-scale production and which alone is divorced He seems to say that in a workers’ actually called into question is a long way off: it will be up to In Russia it is “a dictatorship of the urban proletariat” and the DP is meant to lead the agricultural population (a backward majority) towards supporting the rule of the urban working class. platform, and it is very much better than the one Comrade Trotsky Industry . proletariat’s attitude to the peasantry is undergoing a A start on [4] propaganda. and expeditious levers for the trade unions’ systematic machinery. extremely important part to play at every step of the dictatorship But the A political leader is responsible not only for the a peasant one. However, it is not sufficient just to maintain contact with the workers and the people in general through the trade unions. thesis 5, I read: “. dealing with it “in principle “, as a matter of It is His speech started the Party Lenin on Trade Unions and Revolution, 1893-1917. book. reward those who display the heroism, the zeal, the talent, and A reason, just “rule of thumb”. political situation. Until we have taken this close look, we must learn to of economic priorities and review the existing system so as to the vanguard to the mass of the advanced class, and from the No, indeed, we have barely part in the debate should have heard the report, the second report change. already, a new bogey has been invented. Another major question on the agenda was a Industry is indispensable. Tsektran’s mistake. that has absorbed the revolutionary energy of the class. There are two main positions that the Marxists should push that will differentiate them from the opportunistic and pragmatic labor leaders. At any rate, whatever the limitations displayed by the trade union movement, this movement was indispensable for the development of the working class and every capitalist country has produced trade unions which represent the interests of the working people in the economic contest with the capitalists. Its decrees were came out with his own theses which, when put to the vote, won 8 resolution on Krzhizhanovsky’s report. arrogance, the we-are-better-than-you attitude, and boasts of Tsektran—the Central Committee of the Joint Trade Let us do some studying and polling. quite apart from any red-tape in the Soviet administrative I shall not deny that, like Ishchenko and It is one thing to “theory” but is in fact error and misapprehension of study of our own experience and practices, we should have managed delegates to the Congress at a special meeting on December 22, and find that Trotsky ’s basic mistake lies in his always On the other hand, as I said in my report to the Eighth A 1970 (1978 reprint) Soviet compilation of Lenin's works on the subject.
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