The Chief Executive Officer, who reports to the Board of Directors, leads the SML Team and oversees all aspects of the day-to-day management of the Company and the Markets as a whole.

Bradley Latham
Chief Executive Officer

This section provides administrative support to the Board, CEO and the Senior Executive Team.

Catherine Roche
Executive Assistant to the CEO
9325 6201

This department looks after all aspects of financial accounting, including income and expenditure – i.e. invoicing, revenue collection, cash collections, payments to suppliers, cheques, etc.

This section also manages matters relating to corporate governance, risk management and compliance.

Michael Golden
Chief Financial Officer
9325 6298

Samantha Seaton
Company Secretary
9325 6121

Conrad D'Cruz
Finance Manager
9325 6212

Qin Zhang
Accounts Payable Officer
9325 6212

Agnes Myers
Accounts Receivable Officer
9325 6208

Gayatri Barot
Payroll, Customer Service Officer
9325 6204

Treesha Jayasundara
Financial Accountant
9325 6241

Effie Stefos
Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager
9325 6210

The Operations section is made up of Property, Security, Environment and Wholesale and Retail Markets Management. All matters relating to the administration of Markets property is handled by the Operations Team. This team includes leasing of buildings and offices within the Markets site, transfers of stands in the Wholesale and Retail Markets, administration of the product mix in the Retail Markets and all other tenancy matters.

Stephen Russell
Chief Operating Officer
0412 760 135

John Pascucci
Head of Operations
0407 325 295

Shawn Freeburn
Retail Markets Manager
0408 325 213

Vanessa Tseros
Customer Service Officer
0407 325 237

Sara Kasraie
Project Manager
0407 903 647

Adrian LaCava
Operations Manager
0420 936 710

Brian Bigelow
Operations Support Team Leader
0417 325 232

Jim Basetas
GTA Team Leader
0407 325 230

Abdul Aziz
Night Shift Supervisor
0409 325 232

Serge Vigone
Day Shift Supervisor
0409 325 232

This section deals with the day-to-day management and operation of all Retail Markets i.e. Paddy’s Markets at Flemington and Haymarket, the Paddy’s Fresh Food Market, the Paddy’s Swap & Sell Market and Paddy’s Night Food Market. It comprises one SML Market Officer Team (Paddy's Flemington) and one Security Officer Team (Paddy's Haymarket), each headed by an SML Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader, which are collectively overseen by the Operations Manager.

These teams provide assistance, advice and information to traders, buyers and other Market users as well as ensuring the Sydney Markets Rules and the conditions outlined in the Occupancy Agreement and Conditions of Entry are adhered to, and issuing Warning Notices and Comply Notices when breaches are detected.

Wayne Dowswell
Retail Team Leader Flemington
0407 325 224

Sam Marturano
Retail Team Leader Haymarket
0407 325 260

The Environmental section encompasses all cleaning, waste management and environmental issues for both the Sydney Markets Flemington and Haymarket sites. These include the cleaning of the sites, waste removal, sorting, separation and diversion of recyclable waste streams, grease trap and liquid waste, waste water testing, oil spills, pest control, bird control, landscaping, syringe disposal, hygiene services and odour control.

Con Kapellos
Environment Manager
0417 325 173

Troy Tuckey
Green Point Supervisor
0414 829 770

The Work, Health, and Safety section manages the implementation of safe practices and safety equipment. The day-to-day operations involves managing the risks to the health and safety of everyone in the workplace to a provide a safe working environment.

Leighton Freney
Work, Health and Safety Manager
0417 325 171

This area covers public relations, press releases, promotion of fresh fruit and vegetables, Greengrocer, Florist, Produce Grower and Flower Grower of the Year programs, general advertising, production of recipe cards and publishing of the Markets magazine (The Leader), and conducts market tours for VIPs and media.

This section also includes Retail Marketing, which takes care of advertising and promotion for all of the retail markets – i.e. Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets, Paddy’s Fresh Food Market, Paddy’s Swap & Sell Market, and the Sydney Markets Plaza.

SML runs a promotional “Fresh for Kids” program throughout Sydney schools aimed at increasing children’s consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. This involves various promotional events featuring the “F & V Gang” characters.

Ned Tesic
Public Relations/Brand Manager
0419 326 233

Shirlene Ronniger
Marketing and Communications Specialist
0419 898 641

Zona Tan-Sheppard
Digital Marketing Specialist
0481 380 063

Isabella Carabetta
Marketing Coordinator Communications and Campaigns
0419 038 099

The Site Services Department is responsible for managing the building, construction, repair and maintenance, electricity, water and telephone activities throughout the Markets sites. This includes roads, buildings and other structures, engineering, telecommunications, plumbing and drainage, electrical, plant control, air conditioning, line marking, fencing and signage.

Firoz Ali
Site Services Manager
0418 401 881

Marilyn Loch
Site Services Administrator
0420 939 646